Upgrading your Joomla site.

Most of hosting providers, including hosting company that I use for my websites, are offering free Fantastico script library to automatically install many of Open Source applications. My first Joomla installation with Fantastico on HostMonster was as simple as 1-2-3. After some time while maintaining my account, I visited Fantastico section of CPanel. And I was offered to upgrade my Joomla installation to a newer version. I agreed and less than in a second my old installation was upgraded to a newer version. This script also made backup of my old files and MySQL database and suggested to save information about restoring my content to it’s original state.

Immediately after this I loaded my front page. From the first point of view everything looked exactly the same way as it was before. But it was not. Some links in my menu stop working properly. Well…everything as usual. A lot of promises and then huge headache. First of all I considered OpenSEF component that was used. After some investigation I realized that this component was innocent.  And within sometime I found out what was actually wrong. While making upgrade, some settings in “Global Configuration” were reset to their initial values. For example, “Search Engine Friendly URLs” were setup to “NO”. Some other settings were also different from their values before upgrade. So, to avoid problems after upgrade, restore your configuration under “Global Configuration” menu of Joomla administration panel.

I would expect that not all hosting companies would offer this upgrade. But the one that I use is keeping all scripts up to date and offering this nice option for free. As for now I had no troubles with their customer support and quality of service.

P.S. Take into account that if you made changing’s to original core files, your updated core files would not reflect those changing’s. You should make those changing’s manually if they are critical to your site operation.

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