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This container has different places, where components, modules, and bot’s inject their content. The difference between templates is the location of those places and some graphic elements which deliver a different look, functionality, and usability to your site. Besides this, Joomla allows for the use of a very flexible CSS file that is unique for each template and could apply different rules to different components (not only to different parts and positions of HTML code).

I decided to make website that would be used as a bridge between various sites with different topics. And I wanted to have reusable template, something neutral that could be applicable for different sites and topics. The problem here is that I’m not Picasso. I’m able to write something in HTML but when it comes to graphic design I’m completely puzzled and lost.

I spoke to my friend Ivan. He is a talented graphic designer. In a few hours he came up with this graphic theme.

deal-times graphic consept

Everything else was easy. I tried a couple of different ways to realize this graphic concept. I wanted to make variable width (liquid) layout with 3 columns. I tried to make table-less design with CSS positioning. In general this worked, but sometimes after resizing some areas were still overlapping. Since I’m not very concerned with tables, I finally chose a more traditional approach, trying to keep things simple and clean. You are looking at the results right now.{mospagebreak}

I would like to make some notes on module positions, so that you would be able to easily use this template. Some of the positions are not standard. The lowest side positions (user6 and user9) do not have top and bottom baskets. Don’t forget to add a Menu Class Suffix “–small” to top the small menu (user 8 position), so that special CSS class would be applied to this menu and it will look the same way as in example. You can do this when you’ll configure “mod_mainmenu” to display the menu in user 8 position. And verify that your top menu (user 3 position) has Menu Class Suffix “–nav”.

joomla module positions


Not all Joomla CSS classes are used in this design. You can easily ad CSS support for any specific Joomla element if it would be required for your site. I also included logo.psd file so that it would be easy for you to design your own logo.

Deal-Times Template Download Deal-Times Template


You are free to modify this template to serve your own needs and concepts. If you like it, please leave Deal-Times and Ivan Design links at the bottom. And don’t hesitate to drop me an email if you have any questions or suggestions about this template.

I updated template to version 0.81 to fix the problem with header for Fireboard forum component. 

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