Configuring SCRIPT plugin for JCE editor.

I installed JCE editor, Bot and Script plugin because I wanted to insert unmodified script code into my Joomla pages. Configured JCE to be default editor (in “Global Configuration”). Created an article and inserted JavaScript code. But it was not working.  Opened HTML window and inserted code into HTML code. After updating and closing this window I was not able to see any sign of JavaScript code. Even worse. When I opened HTML window I realized that there was no sign of inserted code.

At this moment I started to browse support forum for this component. And realized that a lot of people were having trouble with the same plugin. Authors were answering questions but what was clear to developers was not clear to users. After some experiments based on forum discussion I realized that solution was really simple. It is necessary to go into JCE configuration from JCE admin menu (under components section of top menu). And to add string script[*] into Extended Elements field. After saving this you can open HTML window (edit HTML code button) in JCE editor and enter your script into it. After updating and saving your page will contain inserted code. As en example, if you will enter:

<script src=""></script>

You will see something like this banner on your page:

Using JCE with this script plugin is not the only one method of inserting script code into your page. You can disable WYSIWYG editor, enter the code and then enable your default WYSIWYG editor. But I prefer to use described above method.

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