AuctionAds-let eBay work for your Joomla site.

I was very exited about the things that I’ve learned from this interview and decided to try AuctionAds . Unfortunately, I was not able to find any Joomla component, module or bot that was supporting this project. And I’m saying “unfortunately” because I have very few software development skills and have not tried to do anything in PHP. But I had no choice.

I was surprised how simple it iwas to write module for Joomla. This module supports all up to date features of AuctionAds and allows to use additional properties for <div> tag, surrounding ad code.

You can always ask your questions and leave comments about this module in my forum. I’m planning to support this module and continue development of future versions with additional features.

In order to use AuctionAds you should get your own Publisher ID . Get your AuctionAds Publisher ID here!

zip Download module AuctionAds-eBay Gateway

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