I decided to add this section to memorize some tips, tweaks, problems and solutions that were used on this and other Joomla sites. It is possible that some information here looks like reinvention of the wheel. However, I believe that some of you would find this information to be helpful.

Migrating Joomla from 1.0xx to 1.5xx with SimpleScripts or Fantastico

I prefer to use SimpleScripts to handle one-click installation of the web's most popular applications. SimpleScripts seems to be more flexible than Fantastico and what is more important, is updated more frequently than Fantastico. My goal was to migrate my Joomla site from 1.0xx to 1.5xx, keeping SimpleScripts capability of upgrading 1.5xx installation for future releases.

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Using BlogRush blog syndication network together with Joomla powered site

John Reese announced new blog syndication network and published instructions for installation of BlogRush widget on popular blogging platforms: Wordpress, MovableType, TypePad Blogger ( and some other blogs. What about Joomla?

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Latest CSS file for Deal-Times Joomla template

I’m always tuning my template for Joomla. Most tweaks are related to Joomla template CSS file. Reality is – it is hard to adjust all Joomla CSS classes at the beginning.

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OpenSEF-how to keep the same module appearance in Joomla while linking from different content

This title looks strange, though it points to one big Joomla problem. If you want to display different modules within different sections of your site, you can be in trouble.

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Configuring Front page view of your Joomla site

Front page is the face of most Joomla sites. And it is not surprising that you would like to configure layout of this face. It is very simple task and Joomla offers some flexibility to do this. However, each time I want to reconfigure amount of columns or quantity of content articles that I want to display, I’m spending some time trying to figure out how to do this.

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Insert AuctionAds into Joomla content

Insertion of AuctionAds or Google AdSense into your content is really simple. There are some Bots that are designed to help you to do this, but I feel that they are not required. Just follow these steps and you will get your AuctionAds displayed wherever you want within content of your Joomla site.

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AuctionAds-let eBay work for your Joomla site.

Some time ago, while browsing John Reese’s blog, I found his interview with Jeremy Shoemaker about various ways to make money (other then adSense specifically). One part of this interview was dedicated to the Jeremy’s new project- AuctionAds .

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Open SEF - do you use proper links for Joomla?

Open SEF is a great component. It adds essential functionality to Joomla and replaces strange looking url’s with human readable and search engine friendly url’s. Even more. Url’s could be configured to reflect logic structure of your site. It works excellently. Notwithstanding, I started to notice strange behavior from my menu, category appearance and problems with some modules.

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My template for Joomla

When I joined the Joomla community I was very impressed by Joomla flexibility and functionality. The core element of this functionality is the template system. You can think about the template as a container with a determined look and feel.

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Configuring SCRIPT plugin for JCE editor.

you want to integrate banner, AdSence or other scripted code into your pages? Download JCE editor, Bot and Script plugin. Install them and enjoy new options. Seems to be easy. But for somebody it is confusing.

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Upgrading your Joomla site.

Upgrading your Joomla site to a newer version is something that you should consider dew to some bug fixes, security updates and compatibility issues with some external components. It could be painless if your previous version of Joomla was installed through Fantastico script.

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Create FAVICON icon for your Joomla site.

Favicon is a shortcut for favorite’s icon. It is a small graphical file, associated with particular web page or website. My favorite FIREFOX browser displays this icon in front of address bar.And most of modern web browsers would place this icon in front of bookmark. This small logo will make easy recognizable bookmark of your site and will help to memorize your link in favorites folder.

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