3 major hidden features of good hosting

There are a lot of hosting companies offering affordable web site hosting in the price range from $5 to $9 a month. From the first point of view their propositions look very similar and include tremendous amount of web space, terrific bandwidth and big list of free scripts. The questions that you should ask yourself before considering any of these offers is what is hidden and how you can find out the real difference.

I would like to point your attention to 3 major requirements that are essential for any good hosting . I would recommend you to determine what is actually offered by hosting company of your choice before ordering their service. And you should take into consideration simple fact that most of internet reviews and directory listings are created by people, affiliated with hosting companies and very subjective. I’m also promoting one of the hosting companies , so I’ll try to show you the way to get objective information about quality of hosting provided by the company of my choice. You don’t have to trust me; you’ll check everything by yourself.

  1. Hosting uptime and reliability.
  2. Hosting speed or (and) response time.
  3. Customer support.

Hosting uptime and reliability.
This is one of the major requirements for your hosting. Imagine your website working 24 hours a day for you. This is what you expecting to have when starting online business. And if this is not true you are loosing money. I was always interested in determining real value of this parameter. Finally, I was lucky to find free service that seems to be reliable and informative. You can check uptime values for this site that is hosted by HostMonster by clicking on small orange button at the bottom with ‘uptime’ label on it.

Hosting speed or (and) response time.
Statistics for average visit length shows something about 10 seconds for majority of web pages. This means that you have only few seconds to convert visitor into customer or to tell them what you wanted to tell. And guess what will happen if they’ll spent majority of this time waiting for your page to load. If you’ll click on the second orange button at the very bottom of this page with ‘check server speed’ label on it, you would be able to verify speed of my server from different parts of the world.

Customer support.
This is something that seems to be not as important as previous two, but it should be considered to be bread-and-butter of good hosting. Imagine that you have some problems configuring and installing new application. You can spend a couple of days waiting for response to the ticket that was submitted online. Telephone support should be available 24/7 and this is not offered by many inexpensive hosting providers. I don’t know how to convince you that Hostmonster’s customer support is good, but at list they offer 24/7 telephone support. You may not believe me, if I’ll tell you that it was good, but the funniest thing about support is that I haven’t used their support very often. Everything works as expected and it seems to me that the best customer support is when I don’t need this support at all.

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