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As I promised earlier, I would like to show you some examples of the pages that are getting first (or at least close to the first) position on Google. I’ll also make some comments, to explain these examples. Think twice before hiring SEO expert. You can do SEO work by yourself and spend money on something different.

Enter Red Pill Nokia into Google search. You’ll see link from as the first one (or at list among one of the first links) on Google search.

What was done to achieve this high rating in Google search?

Almost nothing-for these exact keywords. Sounds strange but it is true. However, let us try to analyze what is going on.

Deal-Times have small page rank in Google. It was 2 at the moment of this analysis-almost nothing. This means that you should not worry very much about your page rank in Google. I’ve seen a lot of discussions about page rank and it influence on search results. People were paying big attention to page rank trying to get high ranking from Google. May be it makes difference if you already have Google PR 6 or higher. But don’t be upset if you are ranked low. This does not look like a major factor.

Deal-Times is not dedicated to Nokia internet tablet. Yes, I wrote a couple of articles about my favorite Nokia 770, but this one was one of the first. There are many of highly rated resources about Nokia internet tablet and Deal-Times is not among them.

It is not very easy to use complete page optimization with Joomla. RED PILL article was not highly optimized from SEO point of view. Something was used for title and link, but mostly to make them human readable. No <H1> or <H2> tags (I'm using H1 now).

The other thing I was surprised with was the length of this article. I’ve seen some recommendations that your article should be at least 200 or even 500 words.  My RED PILL article is less than 100 words. It not real article, just some tips that I wanted to memorize for myself.

It looks like proper keyword selection is the major driving factor for search results. This is not surprising. Key phrases, used in the title and page content-that is what really matters. It is very likely that by using different optimization technique you can get better results on more competitive keywords. But it is possible to achieve good results with proper keyword research and very little other SEO efforts.

If you would like to perform professional research of keywords to succeed in highly competitive world of internet marketing, give a try to this software. I use this software on my daily basis.   
To learn more about SEO, look at this SEO book . Aaron Wall knows what he is writing about. So don’t forget to visit his blog.

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