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This AdWords Quality Score FAQ answered some of my questions and covered the following topics:

  • How can I improve my quality score?
  • How many quality scores are there?
  • Will changing to a different keyword match type , for example from broad match to exact match, give me a better quality score?
  • I have been told (and read lots of places) that when I first start a new AdWords campaign I should bid really high so my ad is higher on the page. That will give me a higher click through rate and that means I will have a better quality score. Is that good advice?
  • Having Flash on your landing page is bad for your quality score right?
  • I get a lot of clicks from the Google Search Network. Does that help improve my quality score?
  • Does using dynamic keyword insertion help my quality score?
  • How can I find out what my quality score is?
  • I am the only person bidding on a certain keyword but my minimum bid is higher than I think it should be. If I'm the only one bidding how come my minimum bid isn't $0.01? My quality score is "OK".
  • I just a made a lot of changes to my AdWords campaigns and to my landing pages to try and improve my quality score. How soon should I expect to see quality score changes in my account?
  • I just added a bunch of new keywords to my account and almost 1/2 of them received a poor quality score and minimum bid of $5.00 right away before I ever received a single impression. How the hell can Google say I have a poor quality score before my ad even gets a chance to run?
  • It seems like no matter what I do or try my quality score is always poor. Are there certain types of sites that just don't work well with AdWords?
  • Is there a site or something I can sign up to find out in advance about quality score updates before they happen?

If you are interested in these topics and want to learn more, check PPC Discussions blog

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