Repository list in Internet Tablet-using Linux Advanced Package Tool features with Nokia 770-800
Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

If you are tired of adding new repository's one by one in application manager of Nokia 770/800 or are not sure what repository you can use, follow these instructions for replacing repository list. You can benefit from the fact that Internet Tablet is using version of Linux, based on Debian Linux and Advanced Package Tool (APT) is available for you.

Application manager in Nokia 770/800 Internet Tablet is GUI around apt-get utility similar to apt-get utility in Debian Linux. Nokia's apt-get is subset of Debian Linux APT that stands for Advanced Package Tool. Excellent feature of this tool is that Advanced Package Tool would take care of all dependences for the package that you are installing. If it would be able to find the places where to download these dependences from. This means that you should have these repository's added and enabled in Application Catalog of Application manager.

This procedure is very boring. I was tired of finding proper repository's for my Nokia770 and adding them one by one. I edited a list of repository's and replaced sources.list file that is used in Nokia 770/800 (the same as in Debian Linux) to keep information of available repository's.

You can download, install and use this file instead of your own by following these instructions.

Backup you repository list, because you are going to replace it with a different one. Don't follow these instructions if you don't understand what you are doing (and why). Make sure that you know how to reflash your Nokia with original software if something would go wrong. You are doing this at your own risk and I claim no responsibility if you ruin your tablet. Though I believe that it is very hard to do something really wrong.

You should have Xterm installed on your Nokia. You should also be able to gain root access by installing Becomeroot package. Install Wget utility for downloading web-based files from the command line. If you need instructions how to do this, follow steps 1-3 here.

  • Connect your Nokia to the internet
  • Start Xterm
  • Type the following commands in Xterm, each command line is followed by "enter":
  • sudo gainroot
    cd /
    cd etc/apt
    mv sources.list sources.bak

    In case of Nokia 800 replace the previous command with:


    If wget is successful you should have new list of repository's instead of old one.

    If wget is not able to download new sources.list or you are not happy with the new list you can always return back to your old file by typing:

    mv sources.bak sources.list

    Don't forget to type the following commands before mv if you are starting new Xterm session:

    sudo gainroot
    cd /
    cd etc/apt

Start Application Manager after successful install of new list and refresh list of packages. Some repository's are disabled, so go to Application Catalog and enable them from there. I would recommend enabling one at a time because some repository may be not working or it may be hard to connect to some.

This was tested on Nokia 770. I can't guarantee that it will work for Nokia 800.
You can check sources.list files for Nokia 770 or sources.list files for Nokia 800 by following these links.

You are very welcome to test this method, add more repository or share your own repository lists by adding comments here or posting and adding attachments in Nokia 770/800 Internet Tablet, Tips and Tricks thread of forum.

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