BlogRush is shutting down

Some time ago I wrote a short post about BlogRush integration into Joomla powered site. While updating my site content after 1.5xx migration, I visited BlogRush site to get code that I planned to integrate and realized that BlogRush is Shutting Down.

Here are some comments from BlogRush owner and creator, John Reese:

"While the service is still going strong (serving a few million impressions a day) I just don’t see things improving for our users.  The click-rates across the network are dreadfully low (and getting worse) as so many Internet users now ‘tune out’ links and other ads on sites.
Because of this, and many other issues, I’ve made the tough decision to shutdown the service.  During the next 24 hours we’ll be shutting things down.  If you’re running the widget on your blog you’ll want to remove the widget code.
I expect that there will be many BlogRush critics that will rejoice in hearing this news and relish in saying, “I told you so” and that’s fine.  At least I had the guts to take a risk and to at least give the idea a try.  I’ve become a successful entrepreneur (online since 1990) because I am not afraid to fail.  I’ve had many ideas that didn’t work, and this one certainly won’t be the last."

My own experience with BlogRush was not very positive. Very small traffic was coming from BlogRush network and I probably wasted some of my Web real estate for nothing. For now, I would watch John Reeds blog to check if some of his new marketing and traffic ideas would work better for me.

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