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There are pages on the web created for affiliate marketers. Their number is legion. What possible reason might one find in switching from established and respected sources, and glancing in the direction of our site?

The simple fact, this site is YOURS.
The Internet grew up not on the spur of governmental or corporate interests, it grew and expanded because of people, the knots and clusters of varied communities, mutual interests and shared passions. It is our firm conviction that the shaping of the web should be at the hands of the people. We can provide the space and the tools, but it is the community that can make this place truly blossom. We look forward for bright enthusiasts who will grow and nurture it into what they want it to be. We are excited by what you will be able to bring to the site, your visions and talents. We ask you to help us build this site into a largest repository of marketing information on the web, but most importantly, help us build a friendly, flourishing community you deserve.

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