Two business models for Amazon affiliates.
Amazon is offering strong affiliate options for their associates. If you own a website, you can add direct links to Amazon products that would complement your thematic. You can build your own “aStore” with a huge selection of products and links, or wrap this “aStore” into your web site. And you can build your own store, based on the Amazon product feed.

To build this kind of store you need to pickup a free or paid script that will make requests to Amazon based on your configuration criteria, as well as retrieve information on products and place this information on your web pages. This will allow you to have pages with dynamically updated content. And based on those scripts you can easily build thousands of web pages with minimum effort.

But this is not enough for success. You will need traffic. My advice is to work on getting organic traffic, natively generated by search engines. I’m not an expert in this area, so I would not concentrate your attention on this particular topic here. The main thing that I would like to say about this is that you should learn about how to do search engine optimization. If you are not an expert in this area either, you can learn from The SEO Book. This is a legitimate source, and the book seems very reasonable to me. The book has helped me in many aspects and I consider Aaron Wall (the author) to be one of the well recognized people in the SEO industry. One of the elements of your marketing work should be keyword research. You can build a very nice and interesting site. But your work will remain interesting only to you if the people on the web are not searching on your keywords. So, when you pick up your niche for the Amazon store or even before, you may want to do some research on your topic and pickup the right keywords. You can use free tools at or use some from Digitalpoint. Your goal is to pickup a niche with a big amount of searches and with fewer web sites that cover your subject. It is also helpful to analyze pages generated by the script that you are using from a SEO point of view. And it may also make sense to make some modifications to the script so that it will become more search engine friendly and better suited for your needs. Finally, when you have set up your site, and you have got hundreds or even thousands of pages with products and traffic, guess what? Sales are not happening. Why? Hmm…

It could be one hundred and one reasons. Maybe your site is not looking secure enough to make business. Maybe your visitors are confused when they are redirected to Amazon. Maybe your ordering process seems too complicated. Verify the usability of your site. Try to modify and collect statistics. Be flexible. Still no sales? People are coming, clicking but not buying? What to do? Through all your efforts to garbage? Probably not. For one reason or another your visitors are acting like “clickers”, not like “buyers”. Don’t worry. You can switch to a second business model. You already built a website with tons of content. You already have traffic. Add Google Adsense ads to your template or your pages and get your money from Google.

Check working examples at Coffee Mall, Espresso from Nespresso, Fishing Gear, Cook Book, Archery, Pearl Jewelry, Digital Cameras.

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